KIRKBRIDE genealogy -- FREE. This is the most complete, and totally free, Kirkbride (with spelling variations) genealogy site. Data in this file consists of individuals named Kirkbride, and their spouses. This data may be used however you wish for private and personal use only. We only request that you never charge anyone for this information! Any, and all, information extracted from this site must always remain free of charge to the user. To access the data... click on one of the first three items in the Table of Contents below. Name Index usually is easiest to look up names. (Remember that names without surnames come first, followed by names with surnames.) Please review your own Kirkbride line within, then send us any additions or corrections as appropriate. E-mail any data to the e-mail address below. We hope you enjoy researching your Kirkbride ancestral family. Most data has now been linked to ancestral line. THANKS TO ALL WHO HAVE HELPED--- J. Mark Hadley (December 2015)

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